Flavor Town at Añejo Tribeca and Bedford and Co.


Sarah Patt

Añejo Tribeca is a Mexican restaurant located on 301 Church St. that offers an interesting twist on conventional Mexican foods.

Liv Chai , Staff Writer

With endless options to choose from, finding places to eat can be stressful. Don’t let the hangry you get the best of you. Here are two restaurants that are Features-tasted and Features-approved.


301 Church St. and 668 10th Ave.


Stationed across  from the ever hip and cool Roxy Hotel, Añejo Tribeca is a fun restaurant offering playful twists on conventional Mexican cuisine. The high-spirited, upbeat music and glowy chandeliers exude a festive and welcoming ambiance setting the treat-yourself mood for the flavorful meals that will be coming your way. Starting with the not-so-classic Guacamole Trio, this sampling of Bacon Habanero, Chipotle Pineapple and, of course, Traditional is a texture heaven. The crunch of the bacon in the bacon habanero perfectly pairs with smooth avocado while the chipotle pineapple has an initial sweetness followed by a smoky kick, making it an overall pleasantly unexpected surprise. The Wild Mushroom Quesadilla comes in a rich navy masa vessel holding a mix of wild mushrooms, swiss chard and goat cheese. The crunch of the masa with the creamy cheese and stringy mushrooms creates a splendid mix for your flavor palette. For a slight twist on a classic grilled brussel sprouts, the Chorizo Brussel Sprouts are also a dreamy choice. The tart cherry glazed brussel sprouts with the salty chorizo couple perfectly. The star of the show by far, however, is the Crispy Cauliflower taco. The perfect tanginess of the pineapple and the meaty texture of the perfectly fried cauliflower is enough to make you want to order at least three more. Make sure to finish your meal with the classic flan; it’s almost too perfect to want to eat. The smooth, creamy custard in a pool of tequila caramel is definitely worth it, even if you may be stuffed full like an enchilada. 

Bedford and Co.


118 E. 40th St.

For a fall-themed meal head over to Bedford and Co., a swanky restaurant connected to the sleek Renwick Hotel. With a their playlist that makes you just want to dance, the restaurant offers food and music: Bedford and Co. has food that is funky in the best way possible. Currently, Bedford and Co. has introduced a sampling of pumpkin-based dishes priced at $39 per person. At this point the use of pumpkin in dishes may cause a yawn, but Bedford and Co. does it differently. The restaurant introduces pumpkin into seafood with their Pumpkin and Citrus dish, which features perfectly golden-brown scallops with a dash of ginger and grilled pumpkin chunks. With slices of charred lemon, the dish is light and clean. For something more herby, pick the Pumpkin and Pasta. With the spicy and smoky peperoncino cheese, the creaminess of the sauce isn’t overpowering. The Pumpkin and Pork dish is brightened with a light citrus note and slivers of pumpkin, adding a contrasting texture to the meaty, crispy pork so tender that it melts in your mouth. When thinking of pumpkin, dessert cannot be forgotten, and the Pumpkin Cheesecake will be sure to change the cheesecake game. Other than coming in a Mason jar and completely deconstructed, the tart cranberry compote with the crunch of the homemade graham cracker makes a divine combo with the velvety pumpkin cheesecake.

Treat yourself out to two restaurants that will be the spots for catching up with friends and delectable, flavorful dishes after long weekdays.

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