DIY-able Denim


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Recreating your denim items by DIY embroidery not only goes with the mainstream fashion but also adds a strong sense of statement to your closet.

Sophie Shaw, Beauty & Style Editor

Jeans are always in style, but certain cuts and colors take precedence each season. For fall, creative denim is in — whether that means artsy embroidery, cropped hems or easy access zippers and cutouts. The best part about these trends is that they are easy to recreate with jeans that you already own.

Denim has been a wardrobe staple since it entered mainstream fashion after the Gold Rush in the 1850s. Originally appreciated for its utilitarian, sturdy quality, a good pair of jeans is now measured by how well it fits and by the trends it follows.

This season, opt for a pair that flatters your frame and features floral embroidery. Because the flowery designs are the focal points of this style, you can pick a pair in whichever cut you prefer. Skinny jeans with floral embroidery highlight a feminine look, while boyfriend jeans with daisies or roses juxtapose the casual, slouchy fit with the pretty embellishments.

If you don’t feel like finding a pair of floral embroidered jeans, you can DIY the look by transforming a pair already in your closet. Embroidered flower patches are available from sites like Amazon and Etsy and are easy to hand sew onto jeans. If you don’t want to try your hand at sewing, iron-on patches are also easy to find. By customizing a pair of floral embroidered jeans, you can pick the most flattering spots to place the flowers for your own figure — wherever you put them is where the eye will be drawn.

Cropped jeans are currently popular when combined with a flared cut. Referencing the bellbottoms of the 70s, the less voluminous, shorter version trending today offer a simple look that can be paired with anything. Flared crop jeans can look polished if they have a finished hem, or they can look casual and boho with a frayed hem.

To DIY this style, start with a pair of bootcut jeans. Try them on and mark how short you want them to be. Then, all you have to do is cut straight across at the point you marked. Once you’ve cut them, you can fray them yourself or turn the raw edge under and sew the hem.

The easily accessible trend may not have an official name yet, but these jeans feature strategically placed zippers or oversized cutouts, leaving certain parts of the body normally covered by jeans exposed. Take the Vetements and Levi’s collaboration which includes a pair of jeans that has a zipper running vertically down the backside. Unzipping them fully displays one’s rear end. This idea was taken to another level at Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo this month, when designer Thibaut sent a model down the runway wearing a nude bodysuit and jeans that were completely cut out save for the seams. Only the outline of the denim was visible, leaving her bare legs and backside on display.

While this trend may only be for those looking to make a statement, it’s a simple one to make yourself. Take a pair of scissors to a pair of baggy jeans, cutting away everything more than an inch away from the seams.

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