Staff Recs: Best Childhood Halloween Costumes


In my memories of “Winnie the Pooh,” my favorite character was Piglet. But, I totally rocked the socks off of this Tigger onesie at age two, and I don’t regret it. Besides, Piglet may have been my favorite, but Tigger had the best catchphrases.

— Hailey Nuthals, Editor-at-Large


As much as I’d like to say I’m a creative person, I was super boring as a kid and only did the most normal costumes for Halloween. However, I still went all out on these ridiculously average costume ideas. One of my favorites was my witch costume. I wore this black dress with purple gauzy sleeves, and I thought I was the most stylish kid in the neighborhood. I also had a terrible excuse for a broom — it was literally a black plastic stick with black and silver streamers, and I didn’t even pretend to fly on it. I guess you could say I was the most predictable kid on the block.

— Natasha Roy, Assistant Managing Editor


When I was in fourth grade, I had the genius idea of being a table for Halloween. I still have no idea where this came from, but I was hellbent on making it happen. Done with my over-the-top ideas, my mom made me do it all myself. I wonder what the man at Target thought about the 10-year-old who scootered over to the store alone to buy a tablecloth and a sombrero. I spent a ridiculous number of hours making it, and bumped into twice as many people. It was a hit, though, and my fourth grade ego soared. I guess I stuck with household items after that. In middle school I came in as a shower one year and a lamp the next.

— Laura Shkouratoff, Creative Director

Washing Machine

My childhood Halloween costumes were pretty standard: ghost, witch, devil, etc. My best friend, however, was and continues to be more clever than me and opted to be a washing machine. The giant cardboard box she walked around in seemed to have inhibited her mobility, but the glued-on bubbles and the hand-drawn dials turned a standard household appliance into a brilliant and convincing costume. Caroline: if you’re reading this, I want you to know that you were wise beyond your years.

— Abigail Weinberg, Editor-in-Chief

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