NYU Instagram Hotspots


Photo by Tony Wu

MacDougal Street is a great assembly point with colorful buildings and delicious food from all over the world.

Tyler Crews, Contributing Writer

Maintaining your Instagram feed is hard, especially as a college student with a million higher-priority things to worry about. However, you do not have to venture far or take time out of your day to create the perfect post. With these four NYU-centric locations, you can find the place that matches your feed’s aesthetic without having to interrupt your college grind.

The Classic Post

One of the most commonly instagrammed locations around NYU is the Washington Square Park arch and for a good reason. Built in 1892 and modeled off of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the arch provides a stark contrast to the modern New York cityscape. For the best picture on the ground, stand in front of the fountain, capturing both the water and the arch in your Instagram. If you are lucky, there may be some bubbles or sidewalk chalk for you to work with in the frame.

For an aerial shot, go to the seventh floor of the Kimmel Center for University Life, which has a perfect viewing area of the park. From here you can capture the fountain, the arch, Fifth Avenue and the Empire State Building.

The Millennial Post

If you are looking for a cute cafe with Insta-worthy aesthetics, look no further than Sweet Time Dessert Cafe, located on W 4th St. Picture a little cafe filled with all of the prettiest pink things you can imagine. With its wall of pink flowers, cherry blossom tree, oversized teddy bear and artfully crafted desserts, this cafe is the perfect setting for your next post. Who does not need more millennial pink in their feed?

The Academic Post

The terrace of NYU Law  is the perfect spot for the classic campus photo, even though we do not have a traditional campus. The brick arches, wooden benches, lampposts and trees allows for the perfect finals week post.

The Artsy Post

MacDougal St. is well known for its variety of delicious food options and nightlife, but further down closer to W Houston St., there is a series of colored buildings that stand out against the typical grey, white and brick structures we see throughout the city. Walking through this section of the street feels like you are walking through somewhere in Europe. The variety of colors allows for a unique backdrop for a solo shot, just make sure to look out for the cars.

The areas surrounding NYU has so much Instagram potential beyond what is listed here, it is simply a matter of exploring and keeping your head up on the way to your next class.

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