Hats Off: Fall Hat Styles


Kevin Jiang

Take a look at some new ways to style hats this fall.

Christopher Collado, Staff Writer

Autumn is the season of holidays, leaves changing color, pumpkin spice lattes and especially fashion. There are many options for fall apparel. However, a major staple in fall fashion is hats. Hats are a key fall accessory, and there are many different types of hats to wear for any type of fall outfit.

One autumn hat that is stylish yet appropriate for the transitioning weather is the beanie. Beanies are typically knitted or woven, keeping the wearer warm. Beanies also come in different styles, which help fit one’s individual style. There are fitted and slouchy beanies, beanies with visors, beanies with earflaps, beanies with a pom pom on the top of the hat and many more. Whatever one’s personal aesthetic is there is no going wrong with a beanie thanks to the variety of styles.

Another great hat for fall is the beret. Berets are fashion pieces that help give a look an aura of sophistication. Unlike the beanie, the beret does not come in many different styles. Berets come in a variety of colors, so it is possible to get a beret to color coordinate with any color outfit one is wearing.

A style similar to the beret is the pageboy cap. Despite the name, this hat can be worn by anyone — not just boys. The pageboy cap is a specific style with a rounded shape and small bill. Usually done in tweed or suiting patterns, it is now available in a variety of colors and prints with its resurgence in current fashion.

Baseball caps are a great option for people with a casual or classic sense of style. There are all types of baseball hats such as plain baseball hats, hats with graphic design, distressed hats, mesh hats, leather hats and hats in all different types of colors. While there is an infinite amount of hats you can wear, there should be one that can fit any type of outfit one is trying to wear.

Lastly, a hat that can be the perfect fall accessory for the perfect fall outfit is a floppy brimmed hat. The floppy brimmed hat can make an outfit go from simple and casual to fancy and high fashion. The best colors for the fall time for this style are black, brown, navy and maroon. This outfit could be worn with a casual streetwear look or a nightlife outfit.

Hats are the perfect accessory to put a whole autumn outfit together. There are many styles that help make hats unique and be perfect for everyone’s individual style. These hats can be found at many apparel department stores making it convenient to buy these hats for affordable prices. This autumn, take your outfits to the next level by wearing a hat.

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