Will Nina Garcia Reinvent Elle?


Alyssa Dickson

Nina Garcia will be the new Editor in Chief of Elle magazine, leaving her Creative Director position at Marie Claire

Sherah Ndjongo, Staff Writer

The name Nina Garcia might ring a bell. Best known as the former creative director for Marie Claire Magazine and as a judge for the fashion design reality show Project Runway since its beginning, the highly acclaimed journalist will soon be moving to a different floor of Hearst Tower. Recently, it was announced that Robbie Myers, the latest editor-in-chief of Elle Magazine, would be stepping down from the prestigious role. The next day, Garcia was chosen to fill in the position.

Elle Magazine is not completely foreign territory to Garcia. She previously served as the fashion director from 2000 to 2008, so she has a strong sense of the inner workings of Elle, showing there is one reason why it is safe to say that the future of the publication is in good hands. Still, this is not the only fact that leads devoted readers to believe this decision was the right one.

Besides her familiarity with Elle, Garcia’s influence and astonishing talent are highly valued yet rare traits which are so sought after in this cutthroat industry. As a fashion critic, Garcia dissected pieces stitch by stitch with her outspoken yet reasonable tone. During her Project Runway run, she approached fashion from a unique analytical point of view. Garcia has the capability to expand Elle’s already extensive audience by working her creative and management traits into the publication’s pages.

Her other accomplishments set her apart from other fashion icons. For one, she has a great eye for detail as well as extensive knowledge for outreach, especially since she spent the first few years of her fashion career at Mirabella, working as an assistant stylist and as a marketing editor. From working behind the scenes to being on screen, Garcia can translate this double role into her new position. Hopefully the experience will produce an updated image for Elle along with freshly pitched editorials that will leave readers in awe.

Therefore, in preparation for Garcia’s new title, the only thing left to do is raise the bar high. Why? Because she deserves nothing less. Garcia has already earned her place as a fashion expert. By joining Elle, she is not trying to prove herself as capable, but rather she is elevating the position of the magazine by asking it to meet her standards and innovate and differentiate its pages from the rest. In the end, knowing the particular type of overachiever Garcia is, she has most likely already set an agenda for Elle.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Sept. 25 print edition. Email Sherah Ndjongo at [email protected].