NYU Reacts: Ezekiel Elliott

Joey Mancini
Dallas Cowboy’s running back Ezekiel Elliott suspension for his alleged assault on his then-girlfriend was recently reversed, allowing Elliott to continue playing football. NYU students have mixed opinions on this controversy.

There has been serious controversy as of late surrounding Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott. In August, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Elliott for six games after a year-long investigation into his alleged repeated assault of his then-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson over the course of six months. While legal action was dropped by Thompson and her legal team, the NFL continued its investigation of Elliott, which led to his suspension. Elliott appealed his suspension, and it was upheld. But then, Judge Amos Mazzant, a member of the U.S. District Court in Texas, issued an injunction allowing Elliott to continue playing football. Various students across campus reacted to what they thought of the entire situation, and whether or not they think Elliott should be allowed to play after everything that has been revealed.

“I think the rules are very lenient towards professional athletes, much more so than regular people, especially minority groups. Courts tend to be very harsh on minorities, but less so when they are athletes. I think the courts should have upheld [the suspension] because the evidence was very clear, and I think he was only let off because he is a star player.”

— Darby Mccusker, LS freshman

“Obviously, I hate the domestic abuse. That’s just plain awful. But I think since there were no legal repercussions, I do not understand why the NFL should suspend Zeke, and I’m glad to see him out on the field.”

— Emile Swan, Steinhardt freshman

“Our judicial system states that people are innocent until proven guilty. The NFL shouldn’t try to manipulate that just because it helps their case.”

— Garrett Sherman, LS sophomore

“He should not be allowed to play. Some form of punishment should be given, because if there are no repercussions, who is to say these actions will not happen again.”

— Sarah White, Tisch freshman

“The women he has harassed need some kind of justice, and if there are no legal consequences, then he should at least face consequences at work. He should be suspended.”

— Miriam Alyan, LS freshman

“Elliott shouldn’t be allowed to play as it reflects poorly on the league. The only reason the NFL would allow him to play is to increase TV revenues and ticket sales since he is a top three running back in the league.”

—  Sayak Ghosh, CAS freshman

“I have a bias because I am a diehard Giants fan, but I totally believe he should be allowed to play as of right now. That being said, he needs to be kept in check because of the multiple allegations against him. There was an event where he pulled a girl’s shirt up at a parade, and it makes the organization and the NFL look bad. He should be in some way disciplined.”

—  Nick Troia, LS freshman

“I don’t think it is fair that the NFL would punish him even though he wasn’t charged because of inconsistent information given by his girlfriend.”

—  Nikhil Meka, CAS sophomore

“I do not believe Ezekiel Elliott should be allowed to play as I do not have him on my fantasy team.”

—  Max Kaplan III, SPS junior

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Sept. 25 print edition. Email Joey Mancini at [email protected] 



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