The Press Shop Impresses

Check out Press Shop, a nostalgic sandwich shop right in the hear of NoHo with a 10% discount for NYU students.


Jennifer Sanchez

The Oy Gavelt; nonnie’s beef brisket, swiss, sauteed onion, mayo, au jus. Served on challah bread.

By Jennifer Sanchez, Staff Writer

If you are looking for a sign to eat carbs, this is it. Located in NoHo at 74 Bleecker Street, The Press Shop is the perfect place to go to when you are craving comfort sandwiches. These hearty pressed sandwiches will not only rekindle nostalgic combinations but will also leave your stomach content and satisfied.

According to founder Ollie Ressler, what makes the artisan sandwich shop special is that it allows people to express themselves through their food. With the various ingredients available, you are able to create a sandwich of your liking. At only a seven-minute walk from Washington Square Park, the versatile sandwiches are a delicious option for when you are on the go and in need of a quick bite. If you are looking for somewhere to eat lunch and do work between classes, The Press Shop is a great spot for that too. Not to mention, the shop accepts NYU campus cash and has a 10 percent discount for students. Its comfortable ambiance is ideal for all your study needs and responsibilities. Plus, the tasty food will definitely make your calculus homework more bearable.

Whether you are a meat lover or vegetarian, The Press Shop has a sandwich that is just what you long for. The shop’s wide-ranging selection includes sandwiches like “Cluck You” — pulled chicken, pesto, provolone and sun-dried tomato spreadand my personal favorite, “Oy Gavelt” beef brisket, Swiss cheese, sautéed onions, mayo and au jus. Each sandwich is made with freshly baked bread from the Brooklyn Artisan Bakehouse and is pressed in the shop’s signature press. When you order your sandwich, do not forget to try out the housemade iced tea or tangy strawberry lemonade.

The best part of eating at The Press Shop is that you can satisfy your hunger knowing you are putting good food into your body. Each sandwich contains high-quality, fresh ingredients that can be sourced back to locally-owned farms. Each sandwich has its own story behind it, as all the sandwiches are inspired by Ressler’s fond childhood memories and family recipes.

When chatting with Ressler, he explained that many of his fulfilling childhood experiences had revolved around sandwiches. Sandwiches often played a huge role in his younger years — whether it was in summer camp, visits to his grandmother’s or family festivities during Thanksgiving. For example, “It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Cheesy” is inspired from grilled cheese sandwiches Ressler had at summer camp. “Oy Gavelt” is based off of his grandmother’s own recipe, and “#Thankfull” is a sandwich that resembles sandwiches his family made with leftovers from their Thanksgiving feast. All of the sandwiches on the menu serve as nostalgic combinations that express unique experiences in Ressler’s childhood. How cool is it that the sandwich you eat could have a story behind it?

Next time you are craving that perfect melty, toasty sandwich you know where you to go. Go eat those carbs — you know you want to.

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