Ralph and Russo S/S 2018


By Veronica Liow, Multimedia Abroad Editor

Set in a venue as elegant as its looks, the Ralph & Russo Spring/Summer 2018 runway show solidified their position as a luxury brand in the global fashion industry. The collection is comprised of a diverse palette, from soft pastels to metallic hues. In addition, the prints used — more specifically the florals — evoke a sense of grandeur that graces through the venue. Though diverse, Ralph & Russo is able to graciously unify its pieces into a coherent look.

Beyond the color palette, Ralph & Russo proved that it has exceeded in creating novel cuts that beautifully frame the body. The metallic peach trench coat creates a lean figure, cinched at the waist. The white floral kimono forges an effortless flow that wraps around the body naturally. The black floral outerwear with bell-like sleeves constructs a more rigid framework that compliments the body. The looks within the Ralph & Russo collection show they can make flattering pieces for a variety of bodies.

Ralph & Russo is created by Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo. Though the brand launched only seven years ago, it continues to have an international influence as a luxury brand. Ralph & Russo produces exceptional looks, as exemplified by the many awards the designers have won. It is the first British member of The Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in almost a century, marking it as a dominant brand on the global runway. Ralph & Russo is expected to maintain its influence as a commanding force in the luxury fashion industry.

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