Fyodor Golan S/S 2018


By Veronica Liow, Multimedia Abroad Editor


The Fyodor Golan Spring/Summer 2018 runway show made a permanent impression as it explored a unique dystopian future through sportswear aesthetics. The pieces were comprised of a diversity of vibrant colors that mesh well to create a coherent collection. The palette ranges from royal blues to mustard yellows, and vivid reds to sheer lavenders. Throughout the collection was sequin detailing, which gave off the effect of light rays scattered throughout this peculiar dystopian world. Despite its colorful palette, the collection also managed to incorporate some more muted colors, thus finding a nice balance that is pleasing to the eyes.

Perhaps the most notable piece within the collection is a flowing white dress containing a rich red bottom resembling a rose. This piece, like many others in the collection, experiments with the juxtaposition of loose fabric against a more rigid one. Fyodor Golan beautifully compliments the body with an adept skill of  manipulating of the two seemingly opposing fabrics.

Another notable look is a pastel pink jumpsuit. The texture of the black straps, which come around the shoulders and off the body, compliment the model’s shape. In addition, the strip of royal blue that flirts with the pastel pink distinguishes the piece from others. This piece distinguishes the brand’s reputation for perfectly balancing distinct colors, fabrics and cuts.

Based in London, Fyodor Golan is comprised of a duo, Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman. The brand specializes in contemporary women’s fashion wear, showcasing much variety from the fabric to the cuts of the clothes. Fyodor Golan has collaborated with Coca-Cola, Power Puff Girls and more. The unique and well recognized collection is expected to create more diverse looks, while maintaining its aesthetic in the future.

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