How to Survive in New York City Without a Fake


Megan Brown

No need for a fake ID to enjoy your time watching various productions at the Public Theatre, located on Lafayette Street.

Kaitlyn Wang, Features Editor

Although some might say that a fake ID is the only way to have fun in New York City, there are also a multitude of problems with them — from cost to quality to just plain legality. But there is so much to do in New York City after class that does not require you to lie about your age. Here are our favorite six.

The Public Theater

Home of Shakespeare in the Park — though this program has sadly ended its season — and more cool productions, the Public Theater on Lafayette is near campus and celebrating its 50th year on Astor Place this season. From Shakespeare’s “Measure to Measure” to the premiere of Julia Cho’s “Office Hour,” programming at the Public is never dry. Best of all, the theater offers free first previews through a series of lotteries.

Queens Night Market

Every Saturday evening from Sept. 30 to Oct. 28, the open-air Queens Night Market is a flurry of bright lights, activities and vendors of delicious international food. From 6 p.m. to midnight, Corona Meadows Park hosts food and art vendors as well as performances from a variety of artists. The Queens Night Market, with a lively atmosphere and celebration of the vast cultural diversity of the borough, is worth the trip.

Tea and Sympathy

This Greenwich Village tea shop hosts traditional British afternoon tea for those who are craving something sweet. The restaurant serves a wide range of teas, from Earl Grey to Seville orange, as well as British classics like shepherd’s pie and bangers and mash. Tea and Sympathy also offers a traditional Sunday roast dinner on Sunday afternoons.

Late Night Show Tapings

Since late night shows often dominate next-day conversations, it’s always exciting to be in the room where the jokes happened. Most late night shows in New York, from Seth Meyers to Stephen Colbert to SNL, offer tickets to tapings. Many of them operate through lottery, but others allow patrons to wait in line for a chance to grab those coveted seats.

Picnic at a Park

Greenery may be sparse in the concrete jungle, but New York City still has some fantastic outdoor spaces. Catch the sun before it leaves and enjoy a picnic at one of New York’s beautiful parks. From the Hudson River Park to the Brooklyn Bridge Park and the many in between, take time out of your busy day to slow down and enjoy a sunset.


It’s not hard to find a karaoke spot near campus, and there are even more elsewhere in the city. Karaoke can be a fun way to embarrass yourself and your friends, and you do not need to drink to enjoy it. Try SING SING St. Marks Karaoke on St. Marks Place or NEMO NYC on East 13th, and make sure you have a list of songs to tackle beforehand so you get the most for your time.

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