A Home Away From Home


Alyssa Craig

No matter where you come from, homesickness is bound to hit you at some point after moving to New York.

Thomas Chou, Deputy Features Editor

With the start of every new school year, homesickness can flood in too. For some, being away from home for the first time or living in a completely new environment can trigger these lonely feelings — but do not worry, whether you are a freshman or a senior here at NYU, feeling homesick is completely normal. When those feelings start to hit, remember that we at WSN have you covered with some tips on how to make NYU your home away from home.


Keep things from home or that are familiar to you around. These items can serve as an “anchor.” Things — like a photo of your family or an item related to your cultural identity can help you stay connected and feel present despite being away. You could also make some of your favorite foods from home if the NYU dining halls just are not cutting it. These things can help make you feel happier and more secure in your new home.


Although it might be difficult to initially reach out and make friends here, know that all things come with time. With those you feel close with, make sure you keep them updated on how you are feeling and how you are dealing with your homesickness. Create a support group of friends from home, family and new friends as well to help yourself feel supported and loved.

Try Something New

Whether it be personally journaling, knitting or even joining the NYU Quidditch team, try to find a new hobby to immerse yourself in. Homesickness often hits hardest when we are alone and idle, so try to keep yourself active and busy with activities that make you genuinely happy. Start off by joining a club. Not only will it occupy your time, but it will give you the opportunity to meet others with similar interests. Who knows what friendships could blossom?

When combating homesickness, remember that just fixating on home or the past will not solve your problems. Do not forget to balance the old with the new and make space for the incredible, new experiences that you will undoubtedly have here at NYU. Stay open-minded and patient, and do not forget that it will all work out.

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