Kyler James

Natasha Roy, Assistant Managing Editor

Kyler James, better known as “the Wizard of Washington Square Park,” is a staple member of the Washington Square Park community. Though he has been a practicing psychic for more than 25 years, his time in Washington Square Park extends beyond that.

James attended NYU and studied acting through Tisch’s Stella Adler studio and graduated from NYU in 1976. He first started practicing magik when he was an actor doing extra work.

He picked up a deck of tarot cards and started practicing on film sets between scenes. James said people would tell him he had real talent for reading tarot cards, and he decided to start practicing magik full time.

He said he considers what he does to be more than simply magik since he puts together many different disciplines.

“I consider what I do with my tarot readings to be more of an art,” James said. “I get so much artistic satisfaction out of my readings.”

James said he practices positive witchcraft or white magic. It is important to him to stay true to his word and not claim to be 100 percent accurate all the time, though he said he gets quite close.

“I keep my word, and I’m honest in my life,” James said.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Sept. 11 print edition. Email Natasha Roy at [email protected]