Nick Graham S/S 2018

Sophie Shaw, Beauty & Style Editor

Nick Graham’s Atlantis-themed Spring/Summer 2018 collection subverted the exploratory aspect of finding a lost empire and instead painted a nautical picture of what it would be like to have a beach party with the locals. The show dove in with a vast lineup of expertly tailored suits in various shades of blue. Ensembles in vibrant green, yellow, lilac and orange were also in the mix, calling upon colorful coral reefs and tropical fish.

Energetic prints were featured throughout the collection in fun pairings that highlighted the dandy, ‘60s influence. A pair of navy and white skull and crossbones patterned pants were particularly cheeky when paired with a coordinating graphic tee and sash tied like a buccaneer’s. Other pointedly maritime accents included like fish nets draped over the models’ shoulders or spilling from a pocket, rope tied as belts, faux seaweed boas and toy crabs and sea life pinned on shoulders. The playful approach gave the already bright collection even more personality.

Several women’s looks were also shown — the fitted dresses were beachy and simple, with some of the same decorative elements as the men’s looks. A parrot printed dress was topped with a stuffed parrot at the model’s shoulder.

Graham’s ability to fulfill a concept so completely and whimsically while creating a desirable collection takes tremendous effort and attention to detail. Even the music was on-theme — Donovan’s “Atlantis” highlighted the oceanic vibes while also tying in the ‘60s tone. The well-roundedness of his collection shows how the seasoned designer continues to produce quality clothing presented in the most engaging ways.

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