Carlos Campos S/S 2018

To highlight his Latin background, Carlos Campos lit the runway with red and cobalt lights and bumped Latin music before his Spring/Summer 2018 show began. The flaring lights foreshadowed what was to come from Campos’ collection when the models hit the runway.

Campos used a standard yet vivid color palette, mainly using “mason red” and “electric blue” with accents of white, tan and navy. The collection had a clear divide with the inaugural models adorned in the red tone and the closing models decked out in the blue. Known for adding “Latin twists to American classics,” as stated in the show notes, Campos reimagined “alforjas,” or delicate pleating, as seen on the collection’s woven tees, belted shorts and one of the longline coats.

The collection can be noted for its strong sense of geometry. Mexican architect Luis Barragan, who was known for geometric colorblocking, inspired Campos’ S/S 2018 collection. The geo color-blocked jumpsuit with tan, red and navy best highlighted Campos’ inspiration from Barragan.

Although this was Carlos Campos’ men’s show, the designer showcased his designs on both male and female models — all of different races. Many of the female models were wearing rompers and dresses. Although he is not the only designer who includes womenswear in his men’s collection, the appearance of women’s designs at men’s fashion week sometimes piques the question of whether designers intend to make a statement about the social construction of gender embedded into the fashion industry.


Overall, the collection had a cohesive theme in terms of color and design, but piece by piece the collection didn’t live up to the vivid aim that Campos achieved in his color palette.

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