New York Men’s Day S/S 2018 Morning Presentations

Wood House S/S 2018

David Hart

The designer’s namesake Spring/Summer 2018 collection embraced a tropical tone with a Havana influence. Linen suits in sherbet orange, green and red stood out among their more conservative tan, ivory and navy companions. A few women’s looks were included in the mix, too. The most notable featured a novelty-printed short sleeve silk button down illustrating pin-up girls emerging like genies from smoking pipes. The distinctive resort feel of the collection was highlighted by canvas espadrilles, airy linen ascots in the place of ties, panama hats, and cigars in hand. In fact, the deliberate accessorizing gave the collection its Cuban accent.

Krammer & Stoudt

The stony color palette of the Krammer & Stoudt S/S 2018 collection made a subdued statement. Mostly navy and gray, the mix of suits, knits and shorts stayed true to designer Michael Rubin’s West Coast roots. Beachy striped shirts and shorts with relaxed silhouettes contrasted with the crisp tailoring of the suits in the collection. The simplicity of the designs made them appropriate for both urban and coastal environments.


Wood House

Julian Woodhouse’s S/S 2018 collection took a playful and sporty approach to conveying a counter culture born from today’s political climate. Titled “Let’s Have a Field Day,” the saturated collection made use of referee stripes, mesh and baseball hats to emphasize the athletic influences. Unorthodox silhouettes like wide leg, cropped pants, slim fit overalls, and a vinyl cocoon coat showcased the designer’s flair for bringing excitement to menswear. With some models outfitted with baseball bats, it seemed as though the troupe was either headed to the ball field or ready to rally for revolution.

Head of State+

The retro aesthetic of the Head of State+ S/S 2018 collection was embodied by the rich color palette and simple pairings. Vibrant red and mustard yellow went with black, white and mocha tones. Fitted pants and collared shirts — sometimes presented as a monochromatic look — gave a polished ‘60s vibe. The collection offered solid pieces that brought some personality to otherwise basic looks.

Daniel Hechter

The Daniel Hechter S/S2018 collection included clean-cut menswear looks. Christophe Blodin-Pechabrier, the French brand’s designer, took the collection in a casual and classic direction with reliable pieces like blazers, windbreakers and sweaters. The use of neutrals like khaki, olive and gray provided a simple backdrop for several pieces in true blue and cherry red. Youthful accents like floral prints, backwards ball caps and white sneakers made it apparent that the collection was designed with the millennial man in mind.


The simple streetwear in the Bristol S/S 2018 collection reflects the Los Angeles-based brand’s athletic aesthetic. Slouchy tracksuits and t-shirts were simple and unembellished, keeping with the brand’s minimalist approach. In past seasons, the label has called upon the style of NBA icons like Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson. With ease of wear at the forefront of the collection, the models sported comfortable pieces that were practical and rather conservative.

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