Unicorn Hair Trend — Should It Remain Mythical?


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Pastel-colored hair, dubbed “unicorn hair,” is becoming a trend, one which is facing mixed reactions.

Liv Chai, Staff Writer

Forget the traditional monochrome look and take a look at what’s on the colorful, vibrant side of hairstyles. Pastel colors are appearing everywhere, and now they’ve graced our hair. This trend has been deemed “unicorn hair,” a name and a mane definitely worthy of a unicorn. With 305,000 posts tagged #unicornhair on Instagram to date, it’s definitely not just a phase, but a movement highlighting the whimsical magic of unicorn colors.

The colors range from pastels to brightly-colored neons that all emit the sweetest vibes. The look requires light hair, achieved by a couple of bleach jobs for the colors to completely show their true hues — a little damaging, but worth it all in the name of unicorns. An ashy grey toner isn’t a crucial step, but it will create that dreamy pastel filter for the colors to set on. After this, proceed to utilize the colors of your choice to create the unicorn hair of your dreams. Lime Crime — the cult-favorite makeup brand that first introduced its unicorn-themed products to the world in 2009 — just came out with its very own Unicorn Hair hair color, so it’s perfect timing to experiment with its line.

You can live your childhood dream of being a unicorn, even if it just means changing your hair. There’s a shift to childish and carefree trends — like the prominence of bright colors and covering your clothes in kitschy patches —  and it’s bringing with it a wave of nostalgia and fun. In this case, unicorns have taken over, and no one is upset. The world needs a little color right now and if that means putting it in your hair, then it’s only appropriate to let loose and try something a little outlandish. The push for trying something new and standing out seems to be especially evident in this trend.

NYU students seem to have mixed reviews about the unicorn hair trend. Interestingly, many don’t see the outlandish hair as enticing or exciting but rather something that would quickly turn into a bore. Stern freshman Sarah Zhao thinks the look is best kept to social media feeds.

“I think pastel hair is aesthetically pleasing and looks great on Instagram, but I would get bored of it quickly and prefer more natural colors for the everyday,” Zhao said. “Semi-permanent dyes are probably popular because people are constantly trying to differentiate themselves from others by hopping onto new trends.”

Meanwhile, CAS freshman Dalia Karrar disagrees. She thinks it’s a great way for people to continually define their unique styles.

“I really love unicorn hair and think it works well as a fun, bold fashion statement,” Karrar said. “I think fashion is always evolving and pushing the limits to what is considered the ‘norm,’ so I think that naturally translated to hair, too.”
With the confidence of a unicorn in your head — or in this case, on your head — embracing this trend will be the stuff of fantasies.

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