Staff Rants April 19-25

WSN Staff

Welcome to the very last Staff Rants of the year! Thank you all very much for reading our gorgeous staff’s miscellaneous thoughts up until this point, and enjoy our final moments of frustration and rage.

On Staff Rants:

I have had to sit here week after week, pestering the staff to write me no more than 200 words about the many things that might bother them. Even now, on my last edition of Staff Rants, I feel like I am pulling teeth asking for these rants. This is my last rant of the semester, yet I still know there are millions of mild annoyances out there, so until next time, keep ranting. — Tom Price, Opinion Editor

Ode to Third North:

I am ranting about living in Third North Residence Hall because there is simply nothing like it. Whatever magical land I may travel to — whether it be through space and time — I know in my soul that nothing will parallel Third North. Although it is literally laced with a thin layer of grime, dirt and other substances that cannot be described in human words, I will always love Third North. I love the staff in the dining hall, I love the security guards, I love the fact that there are no windows in my dorm room, I love the ambulances that circle the grey-prison walls of this lovely establishment without fail every Friday and Saturday night. “Home is where the heart is,” and my heart is sheltered by the cold, brick walls of Third North. — Jemima McEvoy, News Editor

On Midterms:

In the words of our trusty opinion editor, I cannot fathom why my professors think that giving us midterms three weeks before finals is a good idea. How am I supposed to recover from five midterms and be expected to bounce back in time to study for their finals? I’m still barely processing all the information I was just tested on. I can barely cram the new material that I’m learning in all my classes. All I hope is that next semester, my professors plan their midterm dates reasonably. — Natasha Roy, News Editor

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