Kanye West Enters the Jewelry Industry

Kanye West has recently released a 12 piece jewelry collection inspired by 14th century art from Florence. West’s jewelry are in a yellow gold color and are all 18 karats.

Kanye West is quite the controversial figure, from his ongoing feud with Taylor Swift to various onstage rants to comparing himself to Jesus. However, regardless of your opinions of him, West is definitely productive and successful. Ever since releasing his debut album “College Dropout” in 2004, West has released seven albums, won 21 Grammys, started a successful fashion line, had two kids with his wife, Kim Kardashian and so much more. West shows no sign of slowing down. Instead he keeps expanding expanding his empire — now, he is taking on the jewelry industry.

Recently, West released a 12-piece jewelry collection from which Kim Kardashian has worn several pieces. According to Vogue the jewelry collection is inspired by 14th-century Florentine art. West told Vogue about the message behind his jewelry collection.

“I wanted to create something that represented timeless love,” West said.

West does a good job including his inspiration in his jewelry. The Florentine inspirations are stunning, and other details like rough chain edges and dents make the pieces truly seem like they are from the 14th century. His rings, however, look more polished and new as they take a more definitive shape. Two details to note about West’s jewelry line are that all of West’s jewelry are in a yellow-gold color and are all 18 karats.


While the message, aesthetic and inspiration behind his jewelry is truly beautiful, the prices of the jewelry are definitely not beautiful to one’s bank account. Buying a piece from West’s collection comes with a very big price tag — prices begin at $1,530 and an ending price of $13,360. The high price tag makes sense because the jewelry is made of 18k gold, but the physical product itself looks poorly constructed and is not worth the investment. No one should pay over a thousand dollars for a piece of jewelry that looks dented and has rough edges. It would be worth the investment if West’s collection were significantly cheaper — for example $70 to $350. However, West’s current prices are ridiculously high.

Regardless of whether you can afford West’s jewelry or if you would have to save up just to get one piece, the price is far too high. While West has created incredible music and nice sneakers, his jewelry is not worth paying thousands of dollars for. Not everything West releases is perfect, and this newest line is an example of that.

Kanye West’s jewelry line is available at yeezysupply.com.

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