Dress for a Fluid Future


Kevin Jiang

Levi’s first pair of jeans was geared for women in 1934. Now, Levi’s has a new collection that features fitted cigarette cut jeans and classic striped t-shirts that can work with both genders.

Liv Chai, Staff Writer

Levi’s has found itself once again making waves with its classic denim. Founded in 1853 by Levi Strauss, Levi’s has a history of many pioneering moments. After finding the recipe for the perfect blue denim and patenting its signature “XX” style, the company introduced the very first pair of jeans exclusively geared for women called Lady Levi’s in 1934. Now, the company has come out with a completely unisex collection. Levi’s is not the first to do so, but but it’s adding its own style to the movement.

Levi’s unveiled the new collection, Line 8, in mid-February, described on its website as “designed for the young and rebellious.” From fitted cigarette-cut jeans to classic striped t-shirts, the collection is built on basics and timeless designs that translate well between all genders. The website shows each piece worn by both male and female models side-by-side. Both models have shoulder-length hair in order to showcase the clothing without drawing attention to their genders.

H&M launched its own unisex collection, Denim United, in March with the same emphasis on inclusivity through denim. Tallying 19 pieces overall, Denim United shares many similarities to Levi’s updated Line 8 collection.

However, Levi’s branched out with patterned shirts and bright whites, while H&M kept the collection mostly to basic denim pieces with different cuts and styles. Denim is a textile that serves a unisex collection well — the material evokes the blurred lines between men’s and women’s apparel with pieces like baggy “boyfriend jeans.” The baggy, oversized fit emphasized in these collections means they mesh well with current trends while also making a statement. Both brands have definitely reached outside of their comfort zones to shake up the fashion world with the introduction of clothing that promotes gender fluidity.

While H&M and Levi’s have embraced gender-neutral collections, other well-known brands have not offered the same options. To find unisex collections, people will have to look for niche shops that cater to inclusive merchandise, like Not Equal and Muttonhead.

Both H&M and Levi’s seem to be embracing the “young and rebellious” aesthetic to attract consumers. This attention-grabbing tactic aims to expose more people to a non-binary way of dressing, which promotes an overall progressive view on fashion.

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