Breaking Down the All-University Elections

NYU held its all-university elections during the week of April 15 through April 20. The results for the Class Activities Board are now out!


NYU held its all-university elections during the week of April 15 through April 20. The results for the Class Activities Board are now out!

Natasha Roy, News Editor

From April 15 through April 20, NYU held its all-university elections for students who wanted to be involved in student government, whether it be through serving on the Class Activities Board, Student Senator’s Council or their school’s council.

Over 100 student council spots were filled during the All-University elections, according to a document sent to Washington Square News from a CAB representative. Students were able to campaign via Facebook, give descriptions of themselves on the voting site and meet their potential constituents during an All-University Elections Party hosted in the Rosenthal Pavilion of the Kimmel Center for University Life on April 12. Below is a breakdown of each body voted upon during the All-University Elections, their responsibilities and the results of the election that have been released so far.

Class Activities Board

Each class’s Class Activities Board organizes social events where students can meet peers from all of the different schools within the university. The All-University Elections determine the executive board for each class, but any student is able to participate in CAB events and meetings.

Members of CAB are responsible for organizing events such as the annual SnoBall Dance for first-years, the Sophomore Soiree and Senior Week. The CAB Presidents for the 2017-2018 school year are Stern junior Muhannad Abdelqader, Tandon sophomore Pooja Patel and Gallatin freshman Alanis Smith.

Student Senator’s Council

The Student Senator’s Council is made up of one representative from each school within NYU, including NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai. The SSC also includes Senators-at-Large, who help incorporate the opinions of bodies outside of NYU’s schools, such as commuters and athletic departments. Student senators advocate for student needs and demands from the university.

Here is a list of the elected senators for the 2017-18 year:

  • College of Arts and Sciences: Junior Max Pau
  • College of Global Public Health: to be assigned
  • College of Nursing: junior Tyla Leach
  • Gallatin: freshman Selamawit Gashaw
  • Liberal Studies: freshman Ghania Chaudhry
  • School of Professional Studies Graduate: Graduate student Nhesthy Ong
  • SPS Undergraduate: junior Shannon Morgan
  • Silver School of Social Work Graduate: Graduate student Asiya Vickers
  • SSSW Undergraduate: sophomore Jaylan Daniels
  • Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development: sophomore Steven Ramdilal
  • Stern School of Business: junior Pedro Tenreiro
  • Tandon School of Engineering Graduate: Graduate student Aishwarya Ajay Das
  • Tandon Undergraduate: sophomore Jacob Abbott
  • Tisch: junior Joseph Ehrenkranz
  • Wagner Graduate School of Public Service: Graduate student Frank Pettis

School Governing Bodies

School governing bodies represent the interests of the students within the schools. Each school’s government looks slightly different, but they each generally consist of a president and several vice presidents, along with other leaders who may represent school-specific interests. For example, the Liberal Studies school council has a Vice President of the Core Program and a Vice President of Global Liberal Studies to best serve each student’s needs.

  • CAS President: junior Genesis Bellot
  • GPH Undergraduate President: junior Ashwini Nagappan
  • GPH Graduate President: Graduate student McKenzie Pickett
  • College of Nursing President: Griselda Bautista
  • Gallatin President: junior Breannan O’Rourke  
  • LS President: freshman Sarah Robertson
  • SPS Graduate President: Graduate student Khushboo Chaudhary
  • SPS Undergraduate President: To be assigned
  • SSSW Graduate President: Graduate student Luisa Lopez
  • SSSW Undergraduate President: junior Jessica Yoon
  • Steinhardt President: sophomore Rachel Rivers
  • Stern President: junior Bill Tsai
  • Tandon Graduate President: Graduate student Nitin Ramaseshan
  • Tandon Undergraduate President: junior Rawan Abbasi  
  • Tisch President: sophomore Jeremy Swanton
  • Wagner President: Graduate student Max Zeiger

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