Spring Style Stars Statement Earrings

Liv Chai, Staff Writer

Take a cue from the painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer and turn earrings into your trademark look this season. Steal the spotlight with the elegant shine of chandelier earrings, add a modern twist to your typical hoops with some geometric wiring or amp up an outfit with a pop movement from tassels, because these accessories are becoming more than just a finishing touch.

From Dolce and Gabbana to Alexander McQueen, dramatic chandelier earrings are in full swing on the runways. The elegant layering of gems and stones in an exquisite shape effortlessly grazing your collarbone — now that is a statement. But if you want to keep the look simple, opt for basics without loud patterns to draw the eyes straight to the earrings, striking the perfect balance between casual and glamorous.

With geometric and more sharply-cut earrings, feel free to play with different silhouettes to streamline the modern looks. The loose fit of overalls couples nicely with the structure of the earrings and instantly helps modernize anything. For a more dressed-up look, instead of topping a little black dress with an equally amped-up accessory, try a pair with geometric elements for a modern twist. Saint Laurent shook it up with a structured, strapless black piece and their signature “YSL” earrings angled sharply along the ear. But of course there’s no need to just stick with metals — venture out with a pair of earthy, roughly-cut shapes as seen on Stella McCartney. While this look boasted a pair of triangle stones, feel free to combine a frilly or even brightly-colored prim and proper piece with these. The simplicity of the basic geometric shapes serves as the more evolved version of the typical round hoops and turns any look into a cool-girl effortless get-up.

Tassels have abandoned their post on curtains for people’s ears instead — and no one’s complaining. Tassels streaming down with the movement of your body have become just as casual and fun as your hair blowing in the wind. It’s the happy medium between whimsical and classy. The silky tassels are a fool-proof way of tweaking a look to appear more luxurious. No. 21 went with a monochrome look, but it added tassel earrings to create a dimension of dynamic motion to transform the originally simplistic, flat look. For monochromatic looks, adding texture creates extra shape to separate each component. The flow of tassels acts as an extension of your body, making a look subtle yet communicating a bold statement.

Make earrings your new fearless, signature look and embrace these pairs of swanky earrings.

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