Exposure | Nic Decides to Buy Some Juice

By Kat Vlasova, Contributing Photographer

Inspired by the work and persona of Jean Michel-Basquiat, this photo series documents my friend Nic as we wander around Alphabet City one April Sunday.

I choose to focus on portraiture because it allows me to connect with the subject, as well as expand on my love for editorial and fashion photography into a more abstract, artistic style. My approach to art is to start with an idea or feeling and allow it to manifest spontaneously through mine and the subject’s exploration of the space that we are shooting in. The purpose of this shoot was for me to explore primary colors and backgrounds outside the studio space, as well as get to know Nic more. The final product is a display of appreciation for simple everyday actions and locations in the city, as well as the strange feeling of disconnect and introspection that many freshman experience at some point during their first year in NYC.