Staff Rants March 29 – April 4

WSN Staff

Welcome to another edition of Staff Rants. Our staff is excited to be angry about people, places and things!

On Alone Time:

While I realize the school year is almost over, and this won’t be an issue for me in a few weeks, I can’t stress enough how hard it is to have alone time in college. Even if I’m in a good mood, it’s nice to have a place where I can just chill on my own. I don’t have anywhere I can completely call my own, even my dorm room — as much as I absolutely love my roommate. Sometimes I just wish I could get away from everyone and everything in college for a bit without worrying about having to run into anyone. — Natasha Roy, News Editor

On College Guys:

I have so many questions, so here are a few. What’s up with those bulk-size containers of protein powder and how do you all seem to have the same brand? Do you guys have a chatroom where you rate and discuss which one produces the most gains? Do you have a similar chatroom for hairstyles? Why do you feel the need to carry out full-length conversations over Snapchat? What’s the deal with that introductory handshake you all know how to do? Is a wave or smile not masculine enough for you? Where do you get those skinny black sweatpants? If any of you are up to explain these things to me rather than explaining the concepts I’m already well versed in, go ahead and send me the full explanation over a Snapchat picture. — Emma Rudd, Deputy Opinion Editor

On Baseball:

Baseball season is back, and I could not be happier. Watching the Giants — the worst team ever — lose on Opening Day and watching the Dodgers rack up the score against the Padres has brought me more joy than I could ever put into words. However, nothing in the world is more frustrating than having your bootleg stream of the game cut out at all of the most important parts and having to wait in anticipation for it to unfreeze and show you the results. — Tom Price, Opinion Editor

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