Girl Meets Boy: Androgynous Fashion for All

Sherah Ndjongo, Staff Writer

Androgynous style has been part of American fashion since the early twentieth century, but it didn’t hit the mainstream circuit until recently.  Although often considered just a style that doesn’t adhere to male or female stereotypes, androgynous fashion isn’t that simple — it involves blurring the lines between men’s and women’s fashion and appealing to both sexes at once.

Androgynous clothing is defined by pieces that are commonly worn by both men and women and don’t serve to make one look specifically masculine or feminine. It’s not an easy style to master, but these tips will definitely help in achieving this sartorial goal.

For Women:

Oxford Shoes

Whether you want to dress up or dress down, the oxford shoe is always a go-to. Both comfortable and stylish, a pair of these traditional menswear-inspired footwear can tie together any outfit combination.


These standard symbols of formality have been reinvented to not only polish up already dressy looks, but also to add that one last bit of pizzazz to any ensemble you put together — even giving a classic feel to everyday outfits.

Boyfriend Jeans

Denim’s versatility is just one of its benefits. Combine that with this slouchy boyfriend fit, and you’ve the got the perfect mix of androgyny and comfort. Whether you want to pair them with a worn and torn graphic tee or a flowy flannel, there’s no way you could go wrong with boyfriend jeans.


A subtle yet effective way to achieve an androgynous look is to sport an oversized watch. Although they’re a huge — and riskier — step away from the more familiar, dainty watches often catered to women, oversized and bracelet watches are just as sophisticated and chic with proper styling.

For Men:

Draped Shirts

Looser shirts that hide one’s form are usually the way to go when following androgynous style. Some options include oversized sweaters, flannels, shapeless tank tops and baggy t-shirts.


These are perhaps one of the most difficult accessories to style, but the right one can amp up a look in various ways. One rule is to keep it simple — navigate toward plain hues or simple patterns to complement the rest of your outfit without stealing all the attention.


When it comes to patterns, the options are limitless. The easiest route is picking a tastefully patterned button-down that can be easily paired with more muted pieces, such as a leather jacket or black skinny jeans.

Canvas Shoes

Not only are these ridiculously easy to find, keep they’re also a breeze to style. Their relaxed element makes them a laid-back footwear choice to wear on a daily basis for a more convenient way to rock the androgynous style.

As the androgynous style starts gaining momentum, don’t be afraid to experiment with these different tips to try it out for yourself and add your own personal flair.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, April 3 print edition. Email Sherah Ndjongo at [email protected].