Protests on Kimmel Stairs for No Reason, ‘We’re Just Angry’


Diamond Naga Siu

Students suddenly flooded Kimmel on Friday for a general protest. Anybody was allowed to protest anything they wanted, as long as they showed solidarity.

Emily Fagel, Copy Chief

Protests erupted at 4:20 p.m. on the staircase of the Kimmel Center for University Life on Friday for no apparent reason.

Around 70 students attended the impromptu rally, hosted by SLAM, NYU Phi Gamma Delta and the All-University Cheese Club. The event was publicized on the sidewalk in Washington Square Park just one hour before with a chalk drawing made by Steinhardt senior Chloe Bradley.

“I wasn’t in a good mood earlier today: really bad mood, Trump, you know,” Bradley said. “I wrote ‘RESIST!’ in pink chalk next to the fountain. I didn’t know that was all it took.”

SLAM President, Student Senator, President of the Class of 2018 Activities Board and the Class of 2019 Activities Board, dedicated student athlete and Stern senior Michael Morris saw the drawing and was immediately inspired.

“I sent out an automated message to my fellow SLAM members,” Morris said. “I use it when we need protesters fast and soon. It reads: ‘Kimmel Stairs in 5. Bring your posters.’ And they did.”

Students arrived on the staircase around 3:47 p.m., wielding posters with taglines such as “Cut Ties with Aramark,” “Pussy Power,” “Make NYU Sanctuary” and “Come to NYU Fiji’s Darty this Saturday.” Without adequate time to schedule speakers for the event, only Morris spoke for the duration of the rally. He stressed the importance of protesting and being politically active.

“Protest. Every day. Do it. It’s so important,” Morris said to a cheering crowd. “Doesn’t matter where or why. We have to stand up.”

He shared his favorite brands of pepper spray and techniques with the broad range of students sitting, texting and not listening on the stairs.

CAS freshman Holly Wilde attended the event by accident, and she said that prior to the protest, she had just spent 30 minutes waiting for a burrito in Kimmel Market Place and was incredibly frustrated.

“A protest seemed like the perfect outlet for my anger,” Wilde said. “I plopped down on the stairs, ate my burrito and did some occasional cheering.”

Wilde also said she is planning on attending more protests in the future and is inspired by the activism present on NYU’s campus.

“I really feel like if we all come together and try to accomplish all of our goals at once, with no clear focus, we can really get something done,” Wilde said in between bites of her burrito. “The more we escalate, the better chance we can have our voices heard.”

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