Sheer Me Out: See-Through Clothing for Spring



Model Karlie Kloss wears a sheer dress to host a charity fundraiser in London. With creative use of color or texture, a sheer dress can be the focal point of an outfit.

Liv Chai, Staff Writer

The spring trend of sheer clothing offers little coverage, but before you cross see-through clothes out, consider the attention-grabbing possibilities of a classy yet whimsical statement look. A sheer piece of clothing can act as a focal point through some creative use of color or texture.

Treat a sheer dress or top like a filter — colors underneath can pop or transform into something unexpected. A colored basic layer paired with a complementary mesh piece creates a dimensional effect. A loud neon under a muted tone could bring a surprising brightness and change what was once a very tame piece to something more daring. Utilizing color will allow the see-through fabric to pop, almost creating an illusion of negative space on your body. For a softer look, use the shadows of the fabric of a sheer black dress and couple it with a bright white to accentuate its dimension. Wearing this look with a slip dress makes an easy and comfortable outfit for class or work. For a simple weekend outfit, opt for a bodysuit underneath a see-through layer. It would not only give shape to a loosely fitted sheer dress, but elongate your legs in the most flattering way.  

Layering can elevate any outfit, but mixing textures will make you look fashion-savvy and fresh. Sheer dresses are usually made of delicate fabrics like lace and chiffon. Due to their flowy and dainty nature, pairing them with flashy and boldly textured clothing won’t be excessive. For a more casual layered look that’s also work and class appropriate, luscious velvet and a sheen of silk chiffon offer enough contrast to add subtle variation. A sequined layer underneath something sheer creates a quirky combo that radiates a shimmery glow for a dressy option. Try wearing the see-through layer as the base of a look, too. A denim jacket or a boxy t-shirt over a sheer top gives a casual feel.

For the complete naked look, you can allow the design of the sheer dress to be honored as is with the use of a flesh-toned slip or bodysuit. This daring trend can be daunting because of its transparency, but when done in an appropriate and expertly layered way it becomes a clear fashion statement. After all, fashion is a way of expression for some and a mindset for others. The decision to wear a sheer dress should exude the same confidence embodied by Coco Chanel, who said, “I don’t do fashion. I am fashion.”

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