Memes for Millennials: Now on Sale!

Fashion designer brands are beginning to incorporate meme advertising to appeal to millennials. Gucci, for example, worked with Instagram meme creators to create meme advertisements.

Fashion has been especially transfixed on social media lately — it’s impossible to miss. A simple scroll through Instagram will show one of the oddest marketing techniques ever — the new meme campaign launched by Gucci. In an effort devised by creative director Alessandro Michele, Gucci collaborated with popular Instagram meme creators such as @beigecardigan and @youvegotnomale to generate meme ads for its new line of luxury watches, the Les Marché Des Merveilles collection.

Described as a “new collaborative art project in the digital space” on Gucci’s Instagram, the meme advertising campaign begs the question whether this is an attempt to appeal to Instagram’s main demographic — millennials. Gucci’s popularity on social media has exploded in the last three years after a complete overhaul with Michele’s creative direction, so this meme campaign does not seem too off-brand for the quirky Italian fashion house. Yet its success is uncertain. Only time will tell whether other brands will follow suit, but we’re on board with collegiate-aimed advertising and tried it out on several other high-fashion ads.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, March 27 print edition. Email Thomas Chou at [email protected]



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