Reading NYU: A Roundup of Student Publications


Shiva Darshan

From travel magazines to comedic publications, there are many organizations that students can get involved in outside of the classroom to publish their work. Some of these publications can be found on stands in GCASL.

Mona Chen, Contributing Writer

Journalism students certainly aren’t the only ones who are invested in student publications. Students dedicated to any of the over 230 areas of study NYU offers to undergraduates may choose to further pursue their academic interests by contributing to publications on campus.

Journal of Politics & International Affairs

The Journal of Politics & International Affairs provides a forum for discussion and analysis of current issues in domestic and international politics. Its website features students’ op-ed pieces on the significance of recent political developments. The print version is comprised of longer submissions by both students and professors, such as research on topics in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, analysis of oil policy in the United States and applications of theories of civil unrest to protests in China.

Minetta Review

Minetta Review, NYU’s oldest literary and arts publication, accepts student submissions in the forms of art, prose and poetry. The publication’s artwork — including self-portraits, digitally manipulated ink and acrylic and lithographic prints — showcases a multitude of styles and techniques. Students involved with Minetta enjoy attending poetry readings and open mic events both on campus and around the city.


The Baedeker is a travel magazine which encourages students to document their experiences abroad through articles and photos. Its contents are aesthetically pleasing and conveniently organized by continent. Students can share their photos of stunning landscapes, tips on how to prepare before visiting a location, where to find delicious food and information on various cities.

The Plague

The Plague is a comedy magazine or, as it likes to call itself, the university’s “only intentionally funny publication.” Humorous pieces published in the magazine have included fake research findings, an angry letter to a football team, dialogue during a Starbucks order and a marriage proposal by an amorous accountant. The team holds writing sessions during meetings to get attendees’ creative juices flowing and opens the floor for students to share what they have written.

Medical Dialogue Review

The Medical Dialogue Review publishes student work on topics in healthcare. The publication is divided into four sections: Clinical Practice, Biomedical Research, Public Health & Policy and Literary. Contributors may submit commentaries or analyses on health economics, international health, the intersection of medicine and religion and more. The team also accepts student applications for peer reviews of submitted work by fact-checking and providing constructive feedback. The publication’s Editor’s Choice Series features one interesting article each month — recent articles selected were about drug addiction and the impact of virtual reality on healthcare.

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