Having Opinions First Step To Change


Thomas Price, Opinion Editor

NYU is a university of constant, dynamic change. There is a consistent and unyielding march towards progress, and this is not a bad thing. However, with such progress, there is always a current of ideas and proposals that may not be in everyone’s best interests. Even worse is the near universal apathy and obliviousness of much of the student body. Not caring enough to have an opinion on many of these matters is no way to go through college. Staying informed and being opinionated about issues that directly affect the university is a worthwhile investment of time.

Whenever students have united over an issue which they deeply believe in, the effects are quick and impacting. There is no limit to the absolute power that the thousands of NYU students have when they unite in passion and belief. Unfortunately, this does not happen as often as it should. Most of the time, decisions about the future of the university go by without even a murmur in favor or against. This indifference is far more concerning than anything else. This is not to suggest that NYU students should be protesting with picket signs against any and all decisions the administration makes, but instead that they should simply have opinions about them.It is about understanding and improving their immediate surroundings. Staying informed and up to date on the institution that is providing their education and acting as the focal point of four years of their lives is vastly important. There is genuinely too happening on this campus to remain apathetic. No one should stand idly by when issues that affect students directly like sanctuary campus status teeters on the fence. Being uninformed and un-opinionated will allow important issues to be passed over without the demonstrations that have created so much change already.

Opinions are the essence of what make us human. They show us the core features of who people are and what they believe. They are what makes us more fundamentally dynamic than a living, breathing saltine cracker. Instead of being a physical representation of the color beige, we should stand up, speak our minds and simply care. When a school’s students do not care about what happens at that school, it is worrisome. Improvement only happens when people care deeply about something, and that starts by merely having an opinion about it.

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