Week 5: Make the Most of Your Schedule With These Favorite Classes


Sierra Jackson

WSN’s weekly roundup of the best classes you can take at NYU is here.

Nathaniel Mahlum, Contributing Writer

College is an environment in which you can explore and expand your knowledge of the world, and some of your most rewarding experiences may occur in classes that deviate from your major, simply because you are learning something new. These students recommend not only taking classes to fulfill a major, but also to explore the world around you and gain knowledge on unfamiliar but important topics.

As part of a WSN series, students share their favorite NYU classes and why they think all students should take them. Explore your options — you might be surprised. The students featured below certainly were. Their favorite classes came from outside of their school, majors and countries.

International Politics, CAS

“One of my favorite classes I am currently taking is International Politics taught by Dr. Larson. It is different [from] anything I have taken before and I love how the class focuses on the theory aspect of international politics, using historical examples more as supplements to help students understand the topics taught in class. Walking out of the class, you have a better understanding as to how the world works around us.” – Aneri Mehta, LS freshman

Introduction to Microeconomics, CAS

“At first, I thought that [microeconomics] would simply be a lecture that wouldn’t really teach me anything applicable to my life and [would] instead be another prerequisite to my major, but I was wrong. The class gave me insight into my own life and helped me not only understand economics on a small scale, but it also broke down world issues for me in a way that I could understand. It really gave me a new perspective on economics and, instead of simply just feeding me knowledge on this subject, it gave me a desire to learn more.” – Aarti Kheskani, CAS freshman

The Politics of New York, Wagner

“The Politics of New York, taught by Professor Mitchell Moss, is a deep dive into the workings of New York City’s history, culture and governance. Professor Moss charismatically lectures about topics ranging from New York City’s crime-ridden past to the essential role of immigrants in our city. A true expert in everything New York City, Professor Moss’ hilarious anecdotes and captivating stories make the class a delight to attend. As many NYU students are new to New York City, the knowledge gained in this course will put you on par with any native New Yorker’s understanding of the city and its government. Any student looking to major in politics or public policy or just trying to learn more about the city they are living in should absolutely consider taking the Politics of New York!” – Ethan Ansorge, CAS freshman

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