Staff Rants Feb. 23-28

WSN Staff

Our staff returns with more stuff to rant about! Enjoy reading our passion and anger in this Oscar edition of Staff Rants.

On the Oscars and the Internet:

The Internet can be a beautiful place — especially after one of the most shocking events in the history of award ceremonies. In a span of two minutes, we had a flashback to Miss Universe as all the social media platforms exploded with all kinds of emotions and reactions. I have no words to explain the disappointment I feel concerning the mix up of the Best Picture winner. Although it was a well-deserved win for “La La Land” from a musical perspective, I rooted with all my soul for “Moonlight” — for its strong, powerful and heart-melting story. I can’t imagine how many times one has to apologize for reading and acknowledging the fact that the card clearly contained the wrong information — and still go on with it? Outrageous! So “to hell with dreams,” because fate and justice will take their place. — Polina Buchack, Multimedia Editor

On Moana:

Why didn’t “Moana” win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film? How could the members of the Academy overlook the angelic voice of Auli’i Cravalho singing “How Far I’ll Go”? Were they too intimidated by the stellar quality of the film? Was the magic of the water too much for them? How could they not recognize the sheer need to award “Moana” with an Oscar simply because of Dwayne Johnson’s presence? Did the badass Moana who saved the island of Motunui and defeated the crab monster Tamatoa scare the Academy? Honestly, I’m upset that Heihei the rooster wasn’t done justice by the Academy. — Natasha Roy, News Editor

On Kubo and the Two Strings:

I have lived on this god-forsaken planet of dirt for 18 miserable years, and the only reprieve from this cruel existence was the hour and 42 minutes of “Kubo and the Two Strings.” How anyone could not see this film as a masterpiece in the art of visual poetry and poignant storytelling is beyond me. I have nothing left in me besides the deep and inconsolable knowledge that this film will never be given the golden statue it so deeply deserves. Shame on you. — Tom Price, Opinion Editor

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