A Guide to Wide-Leg Pants for All Body Types


Ryan Quan

This pair of wide leg jeans is paired with a light colored top and short, black rainboots for an effortless, put together look. The high waisted style extends the legs.

Brina Jeffries, Staff Writer

The wide-leg pant is a timeless silhouette known for its versatility and its incorporation into styles all around the world. Greece, Italy and Saudi Arabia flaunt breezy cotton palazzos; France has its culottes and the United States was crazy about bell-bottoms. Modern designs boast high waists and can be spotted on the runway, street style and in high street shops. Here are five ways to style this new trend for all shapes and body types.

For petite women, an elegant white palazzo pant in silk or light cotton creates a modelesque aesthetic. The pant’s airiness can give you the appearance of an elongated leg. The lightness of the fabric is ideal for spring weather, providing coverage without heavy layers. Pair this look with a cute neutral-toned crop top and some platform heels for an outfit that is versatile for work to a night out.

For those with a curvy, hourglass figure, a bell-bottomed flared pant is the way to go. When worn in bold colors like blue or hot pink, the bell-bottom pant is great for that stylish and sophisticated look. Complemented with a bright necklace and matching stilettos, these pants are sure to turn some heads. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, try wearing this style in a boldly-colored pantsuit.

Those with a straight, tall stature will look amazing in culottes. With a shortened hem, culottes show off those amazing long legs. Great for a breezy spring day, culottes tucked in with a nice light blue button-up shirt will make you feel confidently chic.

Lastly for those with an athletic figure, a well-fitted black wide-leg pant cinched at the waist with a belt is perfect. Pair these pants with a tucked-in cotton tee and a bold statement belt to accentuate your figure. This classic style is both flattering and comfortable — perfect for a night out.

The wide-leg pant gives all women the opportunity to show off their beautiful figures while experimenting with an adventurous look. The wide-leg pants’ versatility allows anyone to change up their look and show off a confident style.

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