Greenwich Hall

Emma Rudd, Deputy Opinions Editor

Residency: Upperclassmen
Estimated yearly cost: $13,048 – $18,494
Low-cost rooms available: Yes
Commute to class: 15 minute walk to WSP, 25-30 minute subway ride to Tandon
Nearby subways: A, C, E, B, D, F, M
Shuttle: No

Located in the West Village just a short walk away from the Hudson River, Greenwich Hall has the best of both worlds — an amazing location and a great deal of amenities.

The building is complete with a laundry room, study room, bike racks and practice rooms.

Although the individual room sizes are nothing to brag about, the common areas in the suites are fairly large. Each suite is complete with a full kitchen, couches and a dining table — these furnishings give the impression of an actual apartment rather than a dorm space. And due to a building quirk, there are maid services that clean the common area, bathroom and kitchen at a scheduled time each week. The only catch of living here is that the number of occupants in each room varies, so you could have three suitemates or seven.

The strong selection of restaurants and nightlife in the neighborhood makes up for the residence hall’s distance from the dining halls. The large population of elderly residents create a calm and quiet atmosphere.

Greenwich Hall is perfect for a student who wants a tranquil residential neighborhood that’s still within walking distance of Washington Square Park.

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