Coral Tower

Thomas Price, Opinion Editor

Residency: Upperclassmen
Estimated yearly cost: $13,048 – $18,494
Low-cost rooms available: Yes
Commute to class: 15 minute walk to WSP, 25-30 minute subway ride to Tandon
Nearby subways: L, N, Q, R, W, 4, 5, 6
Shuttle: Yes

Coral Tower is an upperclassmen residence hall at 14th Street and Third Avenue — right at the cross section of a transportation hub. Located right on the cusp of Union Square, this prime spot makes all subway travel extremely easy, and at this major intersection, many NYU food hotspots are located a few steps outside: Vanessa’s Dumplings, Joe’s Pizza and Halal Guys.

While it is loud and bustling outside, Coral Tower is home to a quieter and more reserved atmosphere for students to be a part of and enjoy. Efficiency rooms in suites comprise the majority of spaces in the hall, but all the rooms have satisfying closet spaces.

The rooms within this building are a hit or miss, since some rooms are small and cramped while others are large and spacious — even some efficiency rooms are pretty sizable. The common areas also vary in size, but they are usually generous with space as well. Across all room sizes, the kitchens in each suite come equipped with a fridge and full stove with various stages of functionality. Out of the four burners on the stovetops, sometimes only one or two work.

Coral is a medium-sized dorm with 13 floors, and the building includes a variety of unique amenities, including a dance room and an ATM. It also comes with a laundry room, television lounge and study spaces in the basement.

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