Brittany Hall

Diamond Naga Siu, Editor-in-Chief

Residency: Freshmen
Estimated yearly cost: $12,476 – $14,040
Low-cost rooms available: No
Commute to class: 10 minute walk to WSP, 25-30 minute subway ride to Tandon
Nearby subways: L, N, Q, R, W, 4, 5, 6
Shuttle: No

Situated on quiet 10th Street, Brittany Residence Hall complements the area’s creepy and quiet aura with its infamous Brittany Ghost and speakeasy transformed into a penthouse. But none of that shows upon entering the former Brittany Hotel’s lobby, since the 2013 building renovation hides that history — save for the mailbox kept in tact.

The rooms reflect the lobby with their modern decor of hardwood floors, freshly painted walls and large closet spaces. They vary from double and triple studios to suites, which all foster an open and close rapport between roommates.

This layout is ideal for those who anticipate a strong relationship with their first-year roommates, but if cohabitation issues arise, Brittany offers many spaces throughout the building to escape: the television and study lounges, dance practice room and music practice room. There is even a communal kitchen downstairs, where the Faculty Fellows in Residence often host events.

This is the perfect place to live for first-year students who want a location near enough to Washington Square Park to wake up 15 minutes before class while also being far away enough to get a break from the constant NYU glut.

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