It’s All in the Jeans: Denim to Wear Now

Kevin Jiang

Liv Chai, Staff Writer

Denim is so inextricably intertwined in fashion that it is nearly impossible to avoid. As with anything mainstream, denim has gotten a lot of bad press. But what’s to hate? Try it. Love it. Embrace it.

We’re starting with the basics: an oversize denim jacket with tight-fitting skinny jeans — or a jean skirt to show off your legs — finished with a pair of black boots. Rihanna’s take on this look added a diamond choker, black Dior sunglasses and a bright red lip color — all optional, eye-catching additions. Drape the jean jacket off the shoulders for a casual look that requires no extra top underneath. A tight jean pencil skirt with a bedazzled denim button-down is a great option for class, work or even a night out. Feel free to unbutton a few buttons on the shirt to contrast the tight skirt.  

Denim chokers are not only a subtle nod to the denim comeback but are also an easy DIY accessory. The process involves cutting off the hem of your old jeans and adding buttons to adjust to the strap’s tightness around your neck.

Denim crop tops have become more common recently. They are an unexpected but cute play on the denim trend. It may seem outlandish, but pairing a denim crop top with more denim or solid-colored bottoms creates a refreshing and playful look.

A pair of denim boots is a possible way to complete the head-to-toe denim style. Kim Kardashian showcased a pair of distressed jean, thigh-high boots last summer with a tight-fitting, nude bodycon dress. Thigh-highs always make a statement, and these jean boots are a head-turner. If you’re not into thigh-high boots, check out some ankle boots that also use distressed denim.

When in doubt, belt it out. Wearing an oversized denim shirt? Put a belt on it. Donning jeans that seem to swallow you whole? Belt them. Using a belt to polish off your look is nothing new, but with denim it’s easier than ever to highlight your waist.

Feel free to cuff or tuck in oversized denim pants or tops. Work with your body type, and feel free to personalize your clothes around your figure.

Finally, how could anyone forget about patches, pins and other personalization? Jeans and jean jackets can be easily spruced up with patches of various colors. Just take a look at Gucci’s denim, where the delicate floral details and the structured denim mesh to create an eye-catching combo. If you’re scared of going overboard or making it tacky, don’t be. Get yourself a bunch of patches and decorate to your heart’s content. If the permanence of patches is too much commitment, pay homage to your favorite movie or voice your opinions through buttons or pins. Be creative with the pins — the bigger the better.

The best way to rock the denim look is to make it yours.

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