What’s In My Bag: NYU Student-Athletes

Diana King
For a student athlete, the contents of their bag determines their daily success.

As an NYU student-athlete it’s easy to forget and lose track of clothes, shoes, food and just about anything else among all of the bags you have to carry — transferring items from a workout bag to a school bag to a shoulder bag and back every single day. With the constant hustle of running from class to the gym to practice, what items do athletes always carry to be prepared for any and every situation? A member of the women’s basketball team and men’s track and field team shared what they keep in their bags on a daily basis.

Olivia Linebarger, Sophomore. Women’s Basketball

Deodorant: Can you ever apply too much? No.

Lotion: Some percent of me is Irish, and we have pretty sensitive skin.

Pens: I prefer writing over typing. No pencils because I’m always snapping the lead in half.

Basketball Shoes: Ready to lace up anywhere at anytime!

Phone charger: My phone has all of my music on it, and sometimes when I need to feel some good vibes I walk down 5th Avenue and listen to ‘She’s So High’ by Tal Bachman. It would be pretty devastating if my phone died mid-walk.

Five-Subject NYU Folder: Every class has its own notebook and it gets heavy, but you never leave anything at home, which is especially good for away games.

Martin Luther King Jr. Pin: The pin just appeared one day and I thought about putting it in my room, but I wanted it to be something I really looked at everyday.

Nick Hespe, Senior. Men’s Track and Field

Track Spikes: Usually I wear my trainers everywhere, but I need these for practice at the Armory.

Notebooks: I have to be able to do homework wherever I am.

Tiger Balm/Ibuprofen tablets/Pepto Bismol/Athletic Tape: Sometimes I’m really sore or injured, so I need these to help me get through practice or a competition.

A running watch: I like being able to keep track of my times whenever I go for a run.

Workout Journal: I keep my information about my workouts throughout the week in here.

Headphones: For trips up to the Armory, I have to be listening to music.

Lacrosse Ball: When I’m sore I use this to roll out my muscles and loosen up.

From the content of their bags, it is clear that Linebarger and Hespe are always prepared to step onto the court or the track, complete homework assignments or just get in the zone. Both athletes listed deodorant, shoes and headphones as must-haves, which seem to be essentials for sweating, running and jamming through life — athlete or not.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Feb. 6 print edition. Email Diana King at [email protected]



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