Staff Recs: Best Laptop Stickers


Photo by Polina Buchak

We share with you our favorite laptop stickers.

WSN Staff

In the spirit of “new year, new me,” don’t forget to reinvent your laptop style — it’s one of the most important statements a struggling college student can make, besides what you wear to the library during finals week. For your own inspiration and amusement, the WSN staff picked their favorite laptop decals.


Nothing makes me happier than when I see a laptop sticker with an pop culture reference! It makes me feel like I am part of a secret club of people in on the joke. Of course, the best I’ve ever seen was the bold and definitive “TREAT YO SELF” with the face of Donna Meagle proudly looking out. It made me feel that I did indeed need to treat myself, and that is all that matters. — Thomas Price, Opinions Editor

Free Promo Stickers

I got an opportunity to tour the GIPHY office as part of Freshman Circuit program, which was organized by Tech@NYU. Office tours always mean free swag — which explains why this is my second computer case covered in all kinds of stickers. During this particular tour, I got a GIPHY sticker of Beyoncé, Rihanna and Nicki winking — no matter where you move, they blink at you with their flawlessness! It’s probably the most exciting sticker I’ve ever had. — Polina Buchak, Multimedia Editor

Obama-Biden Memes

I spend a disgusting amount of time on my laptop. Unfortunately, as a journalism major, a great deal of that computer time is spent reading about our disastrous new administration. To cope, I put a beautiful sticker with a picture of Obama and Biden sharing a laugh on my Mac. Looking at it reminds me of more compassionate days and forces me to keep hoping for the future. — Taylor Rogers, Features Editor

Art Heaux Aesthetics

As the Arts Editor, it’s not much of a surprise that I’m a sucker for anything the least bit #aesthetic. I’ve got a sticker from Think Coffee and a purple version of Jason Maloney’s graphic Tippsy the Elephant, but I support anything unnecessarily and obviously purchased for the vibe it gives. If it screams “I spend more time on Tumblr than doing my homework,” I’m for it. — Hailey Nuthals, Arts Editor

No Stickers — At All!

Laptop stickers have always terrified me. What if I stick it on but decide I don’t want it? What if I put it in the wrong place and have to deal with my past decisions for the next however many years? I mean I get it, I really do — I want to like laptop stickers. I want to have a cool and hip laptop, but I can’t bring myself to deface the smooth back of my computer with something as potentially damaging as a sticker. There are too many decisions involved in choosing a sticker and its placement;I’m far better off with the plain. Besides, I can claim I like the minimalism. — Kaitlyn Wang, Co-Managing Editor