NYU Continues 10 Year Application Streak


Jonathan Tan

Washington Square Park, fondly referenced as NYU students’ campus, is one of the university’s many selling points for prospective students.

Greta Chevance, Staff Writer

Violets know how to apply themselves in and out of the classroom, and many more from across the globe want to join this network. According to the university’s press release, 67,232 students applied for admission to its New York, Shanghai and Abu Dhabi campuses — this is a six percent increase from the class of 2020 and a historic high for the university.

“NYU received more applications than any other independent research university in America using the Common Application,” read the university’s statement. “A record-tying 27 percent of NYU’s applicants are from international students. NYU now receives nearly 32,000 more applications than it did a decade ago.”

To help encourage more prospective students to apply each year, the university sends NYU admission officers to schools around the world, hosts information sessions and offers tours at the Washington Square campus. According to Dean of Admissions Shawn Abbott, more than 100,000 people tour the Washington Square campus each year.

Abbott said that while it is still too early in the application review process to determine NYU’s acceptance rate for the incoming class, the university expects to admit between 25 to 35 percent of applicants.

And though over 18,000 prospective students were admitted to the class of 2020, the university has approximately 6,000 first-year students. University spokesperson John Beckman said that this number will likely not change for the class of 2021.

“We do not adjust our projected class size based on the number of applications we receive,” Beckman said.

Despite the last 10 years of application growth, Abbott said that the university cannot definitively say that the trend will continue.

“It’s really difficult to predict the future pattern of applicant behavior. While the number of students graduating from American high schools is expected to decline in the coming years, that doesn’t necessarily mean that fewer students will apply,” Abbott said. “It’s too early to forecast more than that.”

This year’s tens of thousands of applicants, such as high school senior Ben Tauber, each saw something unique in NYU that they wanted to take advantage of. He hails from New Jersey and was admitted through Early Decision I to study Global Public Health in CAS.

“I applied to NYU because of the research and internship opportunities,” Tauber said. “ I hope to receive experience in working with major biotech companies and learn from the research in cell biology I can conduct [with] my professors.”

Tauber chose NYU because he believes it will allow him hands-on experience in his classes. He also expressed interest in the study abroad program, which has 14 global locations — three of which are degree-granting campuses.

High school senior Dylan Kaplan was admitted to Tisch, also through Early Decision I, and he thinks that NYU’s widespread name recognition makes it a popular choice among applicants.

“I think it’s incredible that so many people want to go to NYU,” Kaplan said. “The school’s reputation in the news isn’t shown as popular, but the name New York University has spread across the world as a university of success and high achievers.”

Global interest in NYU has not gone unnoticed by the university’s admissions office, and Abbott said that he is proud of the university’s popularity.

“It is humbling that there is such burning interest in NYU,” Abbott said. “From across the world, we see a continued growing interest and it’s remarkable that we now receive more applications than any other private college or university in America.”

Beckman attributed the increase in applications to the various opportunities that NYU provides, making the school attractive to students who want to explore their academic and social capabilities.

“It’s hard to know what precisely drives a decade of record-setting application numbers,” Beckman said. “But no doubt NYU’s academic reputation, our rivaled global presence, our access to internships, the vibrancy and diversity of our student body and our location all contribute a great deal to this success.”

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