Fluttering Beyond the Fingertips of Fashion


Staff Photo by Polina Buchak

These seven tips will help you pull extra long sleeves into your everyday street wear.

By Valerina Young, Contributing Writer

Extra long sleeves have emerged on the runways of recent fashion shows. Designers like Simone Rocha, Pucci, Vetements and even Louis Vuitton’s latest menswear line have presented models dressed in flowy sleeves that flutter beyond the fingertips. Here are some tips that could extend the look beyond the runway and into your
daily fashion.

Drawing the Focus

The sleeves are the statement. When wearing an extra long sleeved blouse or sweater, you can draw attention to the trendy top’s design by wearing leggings or other tight fitting or close cropped pants. The eye will be drawn to the sleeves’ unique length.

Let it Go

Go for the artsy explorer look by allowing a blouse’s long sleeves to peek out beneath the sleeves of a trench coat. Pair it with high waisted pants to complete the look. The same trick works with a cable-knit sweater, too. The sweater doesn’t need to be tucked in; just let it hang loose.

Wear It With A Skirt

Sleeves aren’t the only things that can flutter. By pairing a blouse with a skirt, you can achieve an effortless but elegant look. A short, fitted leather skirt shows off the beautiful shape of your legs. Depending on its color, a long flowy skirt worn with extra long sleeves gives off an appearance of softness.

Cute And Comfortable

An extra long sleeved sweater could be worn with a pair of skinny jeans for a cute, practical look that won’t take time to put together.

Go Monochrome

The look isn’t limited to the type of clothing worn —  prints can join the mix, too. For instance, this year monochromatic prints are storming the frontlines of the fashion scene. A red top can be worn with a pair of red pants. Try varying shades to create a multidimensional, complex look. For example, the red top could be matched with a pair of burgundy pants.

Dress and Boots

Instead of heels or ballet flats, pair an extra long sleeved, ankle length dress with boots. A once elegant dress can become an expression of both sophistication and care-free originality.

Break all the Rules

In fashion, if you wear a style with confidence and comfort, then all rules can be broken.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Jan. 30 print edition. Email Valerina Young at [email protected]