Unique Beanies Spice Up Bleak Winter Wear


Polina Buchak

Beanies can be styled in a variety of ways.

Liv Chai, Contributing Writer

It’s a dark, bleak and rainy day, or maybe you just have a case of lazy hair because it’s the start of a new semester so, of course, you grab a beanie. Give up the plain colored beanie and brighten your day with these new beanie options to keep you warm and looking fresh.

Pompoms are everywhere — shoes, jewelry and now on your head. This beanie from ASOS is on sale right now. Combining stripes and a faux fur bobble, the beanie is cute and comfortable. It’s tempting to wear all black in the cold months as well, but with this fire hydrant red beanie, your clothes won’t look like the weather.

For some subtle sparkle, grab this coffee brown beanie with silver gems from ASOS. Bedazzling a beanie makes it look luxurious despite its cheap price. If you’re an animal lover or just really miss your pets back home, embrace it by wearing this beanie with pompom ears or this leopard beanie. Stray from the ordinary with a turban beanie from ASOS.

For a daring version of the fishnet and mesh clothing trend try this alternative, which covers the entire face with a veil. These veiled beanies are sold out in most places or are sold at a steep price but for some easy personalization, go ahead and DIY.

For a more toned down version of the veiled beanie, check out this option from BCBGeneration. Although it may seem like a simple black beanie, the dainty lace trim makes it unique. To DIY, all you’ll need is a beanie and some ribbons or lace easily found for a cheap price at fabric stores.

For another DIY inspiration, take a look at this pearl embellished beanie hat . For something you can buy instantly, here’s one from Nordstrom Rack. For an even simpler DIY, buy some patches and stick them on like this product from ASOS.You can customize your beanies with pins, patches and ribbons, all in the spirit of resourcefulness, saving money or letting out some creativity. Buffalo Exchange has an array of pins for a discounted price, along with Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and many online stores.The Garment District has an assortment of fabric stores with immense collections of patches and fabrics. Mood Fabrics, on the third floor of 225 W. 37th St., even has their own website that you can check before visiting. As for the beanies themselves, you can find them anywhere, including PacSun, which sells beanies with nice jewel tones for $6.99!

With stores prepping for their spring and summer lines, stores like Zara, ASOS and Urban Outfitters are having generous sales on their winter gear. Catch them quick before they sell out and before you freeze your ears off this winter!

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