New Program Promotes Global Law Experience


Photo by Hon Lum Cheung Cheng

NYU Law students are now able to apply for a new IDLO internship program

By Coco Wang, Staff Writer

NYU Shanghai, NYU Law and the International Development Law Organization signed an agreement to cooperate closely to promote the rule of law on Oct. 3. Now, following an agreement between NYU Law Dean Trevor Morrison, NYU Shanghai Vice Chancellor Jeffrey Lehman and IDLO’s Direct-General Irene Khan, students can now gain a global law experience in IDLO offices around the world.

The rule of law is the principle that laws — not individuals — should govern countries. IDLO is an intergovernmental law organization that works to promote this concept, which received the United Nations Observer status in 2001.

IDLO’s Director of External Relations to the United States Judit Arenas said IDLO’s past with NYU — especially NYU Shanghai — facilitated this agreement.

“We actually work very closely with NYU Shanghai because an adviser on our board is part of NYU Shanghai’s faculty,” Arenas said. “We think there’s quite a lot we can benefit from the intellectual thinking and the reputation NYU has of being a great academic institution.”

She said that the People’s Republic of China is also a partner with IDLO, so it has a strong governmental link with China. Arenas thinks the new partnership is a great opportunity to reach out to the academic community.

NYU Law Public Affairs Officer Michelle Tsai said the IDLO internship program will enable NYU Law students to gain both an international background and career experience in multiple fields.

“The internship program will enable juris doctorate and Master of Laws students from NYU Law to gain international exposure and valuable international experience,” Tsai said. “Depending on the individual student’s goals and the particular IDLO unit offering the internship, the internship can be a unique way to kick off a career in the many areas of law that IDLO engages in, from commercial law to governance.”

She said the academic strength of NYU Law, the location of NYU Shanghai and the professional practices of IDLO each contribute a unique piece to the internship experience.

Arenas said that IDLO regards interns as formal members and helps them finish projects based on their goals and interests.

“People that worked with us last year helped come up with IDLO’s policy position on the migration of refugees, as the United Nations was discussing that, and helped conduct analytical review of the different reports that are submitted to the Sustainable Development Goal on peaceful and inclusive society,” Arenas. “One of the interns is now advising the Irish mission to the UN. Others got positions in UN or other organizations. So there is actually a wide range of career paths afterwards.”

NYU Shanghai and NYU Law students can apply for this internship program.

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