D.C.: Washington Marches in Protest Against Trump

Hundreds of people marched down 14th street in protest, holding up signs, shouting, and blocking traffic in both directions.

NYU D.C. post-election felt numb. Students displayed an array of emotions — anger, sadness, frustration, confusion, shock — and no one really knew how to handle them. I was in complete denial and became stuck in a trance I think many others could relate to.

People all over the country have taken to the streets to protest Trump’s victory, and in Washington, D.C., protests broke out everywhere from the White House to the Trump International Hotel. Students at NYU D.C., myself included, have been participating in these demonstrations to express our opposition to a Trump presidency. These protests have allowed us to release emotions peacefully and express ourselves in a freeing way.

On the Saturday evening following the election, my friends and I joined hundreds of people in marching down the street. We walked in solidarity through busy neighborhoods and down populated streets, eventually ending up at the Trump International Hotel, where we continued to protest. People held signs with powerful words like “NOT MY PRESIDENT,” “PUSSY GRABS BACK” and “MY BODY MY CHOICE,” and they shouted bold chants like “Donald Trump! Go away! Racist, sexist, anti-gay!” and “We! Reject! The president-elect!”

That night was particularly moving. There was an overwhelming sense of togetherness and pride that made me feel compassion for everyone around me and purpose in my actions. I brought along a camera to document the experience and aimed to capture the emotions my fellow Washingtonians felt. All of the protestors had reasons for being there, and their passion was palpable.


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