Cuddle Up, Bundle Up

Kaylee Warren, Staff Writer

The subzero temperatures of December, January, February and even March will breeze in whether we like it or not, so an affordable yet unique and fashion-forward coat is the perfect armor to survive the chilly months. From bombers and trench coats to parkas and furs, here are some cool jackets and coats to keep both your creative heart and your wallet smiling throughout the winter.

One way to invest in outerwear without breaking the bank is to scour thrift stores. Some local thrift and vintage shops around campus include Monk Thrift, No Relation, Buffalo Exchange and Metropolis. If you don’t mind using that MetroCard swipe to get to Brooklyn, you’ll be greeted by tons of vintage shops such as Urban Jungle, L Train Vintage and Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg. Since thrifting has picked up steam, prices will vary, but you’re guaranteed to find a nice coat for cheap, like varsity jackets from Metropolis on Third Ave.

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to ignore them, it’s impossible to walk past the store displays at Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 without taking a look inside. Maybe it’s the velvet or the sequins. Either way, you’ll be lured in and, within moments, your eyes will land on irresistible faux furs like the timeless Leopard Faux Fur Coat or the sleek wool Elias Top Coat from Urban Outfitters. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself jetting to embrace your space love with the warm Alpha Industries NASA MA-1 Bomber Jacket. Prices are $175, $199 and $199, respectively, but take advantage of UO’s regular sales and cop them for cheaper.

You can also discover some college budget-friendly finds at department store staples such as Burlington Coat Factory or Macy’s, or you can take this opportunity to support independent businesses. Artists & Fleas, which was mentioned earlier, is a place for unique finds from independent vendors. It’s where I met the founder of the Brooklyn-based clothing company Elsewhere World, a contemporary menswear brand that creates unique reinterpretations of classic streetwear silhouettes. I personally recommend the Kendrick Jacket, lined in flannel and available in iridescent magenta, emerald or gray, which the founder asserts is “guaranteed to break, like, 10 necks.”

As icy as it’s going to get this season, your outfit is going to be fire as you conquer it with your new favorite coat.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Nov. 28 print edition. Email Kaylee Warren at [email protected].