French Citizens Stand in Solidarity Against Trump

A protester raises her anti-Trump sign near the Eiffel Tower during a rally on Saturday.

Hundreds of Americans and French citizens took to the streets in Paris’s 7th arrondissement on Saturday to protest the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States.

Many protesters brought their own signs, and others were handed signs by volunteers when they arrived at the march’s staging area. Some signs referenced the 2005 “Access Hollywood” interview in which Trump said his fame allowed him to grab women by their genitalia without consequences. Women have since alleged that Trump sexually assaulted them.

Protesters marched toward the Eiffel Tower with a banner reading “Paris against Trump,” chanting phrases such as “We reject the president-elect” and “Trump, Pence, makes no sense.” The group would occasionally chant in French, expressing solidarity with refugees and condemning the anti-immigrant rhetoric that has been present recently in both American and French politics.

During the march, protesters acknowledged the rights of immigrants, Muslims, black American and French citizens, women and LGBTQ individuals. These communities could face oppression not only in the U.S. under a Trump presidency, but also in France with the rise of the National Front, the country’s extreme-right wing party. Few signs or cheers made reference to French politics, but those that did denounced Marine Le Pen, the National Front’s candidate in the 2017 presidential race.


However, Saturday’s message was overwhelmingly one of solidarity with Americans in the U.S. who have been protesting the election’s results. Marchers draped American flags over their shoulders and ended the rally by singing “This Land is Your Land,” repeating the line “This land was made for you and me.”

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