Five Thanksgiving Scenarios, Five Outfits

Michaela Hoffman
With different kinds of Thanksgiving dinners come different outfits for each occasion.

Are you meeting your significant other’s family and don’t know what to wear? Are you dreaming of the food, but worried about your clothes fitting? If you’re in a panic about what to wear this Thanksgiving Day, here are five different outfits for five
different occasions.

The Elaborate Thanksgiving Dinner

For a more upscale Thanksgiving celebration, you may not want to reach for your favorite pair of ripped blue jeans. Instead, opt for a nice blouse and tailored pants to achieve a more polished look. Complete this outfit with a pair of sophisticated shoes, like loafers or heels, and you’re ready to take on the day.

The Laid-Back Thanksgiving Dinner

This outfit is for a more informal Thanksgiving feast. You know you’re not going to want to pass up on all the delicious food, so the last thing you’ll want to wear is constricting clothes. If you want to hide your inevitable food baby, an oversized chunky sweater will do the trick. Break out your comfiest stretchy jeans or leggings and throw on a pair of flats or boots to bring your cool and casual look together.

Meeting the Significant Other’s Family

Are you spending Thanksgiving with your significant other’s family and want to make a good impression? Wear something that makes a subtle statement with color or patterns. One of these elements in a dress keeps the look classic while adding a personal flare. Tie this look together with a cute pair of booties and your favorite jewelry and you’re well on your way to capturing their hearts.

The Family Football Game

If you know you’re going to get down and dirty in your family’s annual football game, then you may not want to ruin a nice outfit. Instead, opt for something that will keep you warm as well as stylish. Break out your favorite team’s apparel and rock a sweatshirt or a coat with its logo. Choose a pair of pants that you’re not totally attached to, like leggings or sweatpants, and complete the look with athletic shoes. Now you’re game day-ready.

The “I’m International So Who Cares” Outfit

If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or have no special plans for the day, this look is for you. Whether you’re going to the movies with your friends or eating Chinese food, rebel against tradition by pairing your favorite leather jacket with a metallic slip dress. You can finish off your look with a pair of your favorite sneakers. Alternatively, you could just wear what you normally wear. Either way, you won’t be going near turkey and stuffing this Thanksgiving Day.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Nov. 21 print edition. Email Michaela Hoffman at [email protected]



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