Buenos Aires: The Edge of the World

A long bus ride across the border to Puerto Natales, Chile, leads to Torres del Paine National Park, filled with blue glacier lakes and waterfalls.

Back in New York, my life was fast-paced. I always had something to do or somewhere to be, and I often felt unproductive if I had not accomplished something by the end of every day. The idea of stopping — taking a moment to breathe and feel my inner emotions — did not exist.

Here in Argentina, travel has given me the escape I needed in order to unplug — to disconnect myself from the rest of the world, to stop worrying about the little things and to appreciate things that often go over my head. Studying abroad with NYU has been like writing a love letter to the planet. Having the opportunity to hopscotch around the world at such a young age is the best gift I could have ever received.

This is the land at the edge of the world — Patagonia: where the air is fresh, the wide landscapes prevail and the last untouched wilderness thrives.



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