Staff Rants: Week of Nov. 1-7

WSN Staff

This week, our staff digs into the birth control double standard, bemoans the normalization of Trump and appeals to the all-but-lost R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Read their takes below.

On common decency:

If I had one wish this year, it would be that the people of New York learn respect. I mean this in every context. I firmly believe you should often think about how one’s actions affect others and that it’s not all about you.

For example, if you live with someone, consider not inviting a handful of people over or talking really loudly on the phone after a reasonable hour has passed. If you’re in class, don’t spend an entire hour rubbing your eye while you’re harboring some disease, expecting someone to touch anything that belongs for you and risk contracting an illness that resembles the plague. If you’re planning on walking on the sidewalk, brush up on sidewalk etiquette beforehand. Do not walk slow, and do not walk alongside your three friends while using up the whole sidewalk. Many of us have places to go. And don’t just stop in the middle of the sidewalk to look at a map or have an important conversation with a friend. This disrupts the flow of traffic. If you get to an arriving elevator last, you don’t get to be the first person to get in. Don’t pretend that you don’t see everyone else who’s been waiting longer than you.

Overall: Learn respect. Please. Your actions affect more than yourself. Think of others, be kind, and don’t be the person that ends up in my Snapchat story because of your disregard for other people. —Jessica Martinez, Social Media Editor

On the botched male birth control study:

By now, we’ve all heard about the study on male birth control that was canceled because six percent of participants complained of side effects. Technically, in a more holistic view of events, that’s not true. The fact still stands, though, that there’s not an effective contraception method for people with penises available besides condoms. It’s patently unfair and extremely annoying, especially considering people with vaginas have been shouldering the everyday burden of taking birth control, regardless of the fact that pregnancy cannot happen without the involvement of a penis. If vagina-owners have to deal with all the side effects of not having a baby, so too should the penis-owners. As the adage goes, why wouldn’t we unload the gun instead of giving people bulletproof vests? —Hailey Nuthals, Arts Editor

On the 2016 Presidential Election:

This election cycle has been an absolute Disaster, with a capital D. It has gone on for far too long, with too little actual politics having been discussed and too many memes having been made. Over the course of this mess of the past year and a half, my home and native land, Canada, held an 11-week campaign — nearing a national record for longevity — and elected an adored new leader all without much upheaval or fear of walls, carrot-men or locker room talk. The fact that each American debate was watched not for educational purposes but for entertainment is problematic. And the way this discourse became the norm during this election is even worse. I tapped out of this election long ago because whenever we talk about Donald Trump or the ridiculous things he says, we are only adding fuel to the fire. This man thrives on gossip, like any schoolyard bully. If he — god forbid — were to win this election, it would not only be the literal worst thing that could happen to America and the global marketplace. It would also send a horrifying message to young people: bullies are rewarded for their actions. Stop making stupid people famous, America. —Rachel Ruecker, Sports Editor

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