Students Find Community at Flurry

Anna Letson

Faith Gates, Staff Writer

Although NYU is notorious for lacking school spirit, students unite in their holiday spirit for one event each year: Flurry.

Thousands of NYU students flooded Wollman Rink in Central Park for the Inter-Residence Hall Council’s ninth annual Flurry event last Tuesday. Big Bus Tour double-decker buses took students from Kimmel to Central Park every half hour, maxing out almost every bus.

At Wollman Rink, students patiently waited in the line that stretched far into the darkness with no end in sight while IRHC members kept the enthusiasm going dressed in ice cream, snowman and penguin costumes.

IRHC member and Tandon freshman JoJo Okai said that IRHC members chose to dress up the in costumes and that he enjoyed working at an event with such an air of togetherness.

“It makes you feel like you’re a part of something,” Okai said.

Another IRHC member and Tisch sophomore, Rae King, loved seeing so many students come out and tried to keep the energy up in the line with her megaphone.

“It’s exclusive things like this that remind you what makes NYU special,” King said.

Because of the maximum occupancy stipulated in the fire code, students weren’t let in past the guards until the students in the rink before them had left, and they then had to sign a waiver to proceed. Once inside, they were provided with free skates and were free to enter the crowded rink or to enjoy the rinkside entertainments, including photo booths, free candy and giveaways.

LS freshman Riley Blake loved skating the night away with her fellow students and said that it built a sense of community.

“It was crowded, but I think everyone had fun,” Blake said. “NYU should do more free events like this, where we can explore the city and bond.”

Students could be heard having fun in a variety of languages above the loud music playing as they skated around with their friends. Many students documented the fun on social media.

Tandon graduate student James Powell said he skipped his class just to come to Flurry with his friends.

“It was totally worth it,” Powell said. “I had tons of fun.”

If students were lucky enough, they caught a glimpse of the IRHC’s mascot Housie wandering around and posing for photos.

Steinhart freshman Christine Hann was very excited about school spirit following the event and loved sharing the experience with her friends.

“I thought it was very well organized,” Hann said. “It was a good school event, because we don’t have many.”

One aspect of the night that didn’t go unnoticed was the name “Trump” on many signs, the Zamboni and every green shirt employees wore. Presidential candidate Donald Trump bought the rink in 1986 and has operated it ever since.

“I felt gross. That was debatable, NYU,” Blake said. “With the presidential elections around the corner, I felt icky.”

Despite the presence of the Trump name, students were still able to ignore politics and enjoy this community-building event.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Nov. 7 print edition. Email Faith Gates at [email protected].